You can take colder showers in the morning and when you get out, it will be like you have your own personal heater running! You can count on your body to create a heating effect in response to the cold water. Your body has an internal heater, but does it have an internal air conditioner? It does indeed have at least a humidity function, you could consider this to be the sweat you produce. You might identify with a time when the air conditioner had shut off or gone broken in the middle of the summer. Well, how did your body respond. It created sweat, which is a damp moisture. But what about air conditioning? Your body can not really create a breeze and it certainly can’t turn hot air cold. Your skin can absorb heat as a way to protect you. In doing so, it keeps your internal temperature cooler than it would have been. But in most circumstances this is really due to the sweat. If your indoor air quality is feeling hot, you can not necessarily see a difference in your skin, for example melanin production. If your body has trouble staying warm, remember to cool off every now and then. Your body will thank you so much because you need to feel a little cold sometimes. This also is known to stoke the metabolic fire, as one does. You can be your own internal HVAC technician. If you get itchy dry skin you can try to decrease the humidity in your indoor air quality in order to dry out those moist areas where the air conditioning, so to speak, can not get to.

Stoke your metabolic fires


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