The Science Behind Your Heating Preferences

Did you know that there is a real science behind your heating preferences? It may seem like a whim, but there could be a reason that you’re feeling cold or hot that goes much further than that. For example, you could have a deficiency in certain vitamins if you are always reaching for a sweater or the air conditioning fan. You also could be digesting certain foods that cause a sensitivity in temperature, causing you to reach for the thermostat at the mildest of indoor air fluctuations. Lastly, you could have genetic factors that your body is responding to and operating on, although usually the more immediate factors will trump these. The science behind your inner heater may involve the nutrients you have. If you are always reaching for the space heater, even in summer months, you might want to eat some seaweed, but I’m no doctor. I also know of many ways to stay warm without turning the heater on. This includes moving around more, and sitting away from the air conditioning or any particularly piercing drafts of cold air. If you are always hot, maybe you have just eaten some spicy food that can heat up the body’s symptoms. Try sitting closer to the air conditioning or invest in a dainty fan to use often. Thanks to technology, we also know that cold drinks can make you feel hot long after you drink them. Coffee and tea are hot drinks that can leave you sweaty and feeling like reaching for the air conditioning. One thing’s for sure, you don’t want to run out of steam in the moment. Call your HVAC technician and see if he can recommend different kinds of equipment for you as soon as possible.

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