It’s that time again.It’s high time to stoke the metabolic fires and get rolling today. Because when you stoke your metabolic fires, you are your own personal heater. In the realest way possible, you are actually responsible for being your own personal heater, and for this reason you may find it interesting to know you can increase this ability. One way it to keep the air conditioning up. When you are exposed to colder indoor air quality, your body has to keep up by pumping up more heating power. Your pumping power is your internal heater working harder. You can also help this internal heater by doing muscle toning exercises throughout the day. Keep a fan on. You may want to have your HVAC technician come install an air conditioning unit because the temperatures across the globe are getting hotter and hotter every year. This is a one sure fire way to stoke your fires. Get the air conditioning installed, call you HVAC provider and get it done. He can help you make an appointment that is within a week most likely. Your brain will work better and your body will be better at operating its own internal temperature, just as if you are your own personal HVAC technician. Ultimately you are responsible for making sure your body stays in the best shape it can be. Definitely consider if your external HVAC unit is sufficient in addition to your internal HVAC unit. You may have to deal with the way your parents used to run the house. For example, if they always had the air conditioning on extra high, you mind find that you have issues turning the air conditioning down on the thermostat from time to time. This is okay but be mindful of how much money it can cost.

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