Hydronic heating can now offer a number of premium or additional features. Terry tells me she’s not driving out there when she gets home. Anyway, it’ll take them a few days to settle in. I think we might be able to get new features on our HVAC unit. Our HVAC unit happens to be a hydronic heating unit. You might be surprised if you have never heard the term before, but a hydronic heating unit uses the flow of fluids around a coil which absorbs the heat. It may seem more indirect than conventional heating systems, but these hydronic heating units actually use less power in the long run because of their very efficient ways. The hydronic heating units can be upgraded in all sorts of ways in order to be used in the home. They can use safe non-toxic substances which resemble the same molecular structures as anti-freezes in order to hold quite a bit of heat. Rather than directly heating the coils, which can result in more energy and heat lost during transit to your vents, the hydronic heating system is very conservative in the amount of heat lost. You can call you local HVAC provider by asking your new neighbors who they use and who they recommend for all their HVAC unit related needs. The HVAC provider should be able to set you up with an appointment in the near future which enables you to ask about hydronic heating options during regular maintenance. If this technology sounds like something you’re interested in, give your local HVAC provider a call and set up a meeting in the very near future.

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