Ductwork connecting the furnace is causing the noise

There is a duct that goes from the furnace to the wall in the house.

  • The ductwork then extends all over the house to provide whole home comfort.

The first little duct connecting to my furnace has given me nothing but grief. Noise with a heating system is no good. I have done everything I can to stop the noise and it is never right. First I started hearing a banging sound with my furnace. I thought it was the actual heater for so long. I oiled, tightened and even put things under the furnace to stop it. I then found that the issue was the bolts holding together that air duct. The air duct was too loose and shaking everywhere. I tightened the bolts as hard as I could go and taped around the air duct. Finally, there was no more banging. A few weeks later I started noticing that everytime I walked near the furnace there was a squeaking noise. Why would it squeak when I don’t touch it? I then googled the issue and I found that again that stupid little HVAC duct is the cause of the noise. Apparently if you tighten the bolt on the air duct too much or don’t secure it correctly, it makes a squeaking noise. I had to go back in and loosen it a little bit and re-hang the duct with the furnace. After all that work, the furnace has not made a peep. I am not hopeful though. I am thinking in another week there is going to be another issue with the duct.

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