A New Way to Heat

There’s a new way to heat on the block and it’s really quite interesting.

  • This new way of heating in your home is called hydronic heating.

It’s really a grown up version of a type of heating people have been using for a long time. Hydronic heating may have the prefix “hydro”, but the fluid it uses does not have to be water. It can be a special type of fluid with special flow and heat capacity properties. Science has investigated many such fluids for this purpose, and you will find it very interesting how many of these fluids can distribute heat evenly and more efficiently than water or other conventionally uses heating fluids used in heated floors. Some people have used heated ceilings in the past, and we now know that heated ceilings are not usually as efficient as heated floors are. In the same way, the old fluids used are not efficient. Many hydronic heating systems require antifreeze or a similar type of solution for its operation. First let me explain the basic principle behind hydronic heating. First fluid is heated in a boiler until it is very hot. It absorbs the heat, essentially, in order to carry it. The fluid is then pumped around pipes known as emitters. The heat is transferred from the fluid to the emitters, which then are responsible for the radiant heat. This is a similar process as that by which water is heated for general plumbing. This new way to heat, although seemingly expensive, can be driven down if you incorporate renewable energy resources and other new, efficient equipment.

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