Fed Up of Dealing With Husband’s Exotic Pet Snakes

I’m fatigued to the bone of complaining about how much electricity my husband’s reptiles use up.

Each one of them needs special temperature and lighting and they all cost a lot of money to run! Additionally, all of those heaters and lights make the apartment actually very personally uncomfortable.

I try to save our money by not turning on the air conditioning that often, for myself, even though I feel I should not have to do that. Regardless last weekend, my husband came back to the apartment with yet another snake from the reptile expo, the last thing I wanted to see, another reptile with more reptile lights in this house. I don’t see why I bother trying to save and budget, by not using the air conditioning, if he’s going to go out and keep spending money on reptiles. It is far from a one-time purchase either, like I said, each reptile needs its own light and heat and it costs a ton to run all of that. While he set up the tank for the new snake, I cranked up the air conditioning on and decided to just enjoy the nice cool air.But when he was done setting up the snake, my husband went to turn the control unit down a little bit! Best believe hee got an earful from me. All of his snakes get their own comfortable temperature settings in paradise. I think I deserve the same! My husband did not argue about that at all. I guess he knows better than that. At this point it would not take much to put him, and all of his reptiles, on the street. Then I would have my apartment comfortable, and snake free. Now who is the one who would be cold blooded then!


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