Some rules are meant to be broken

As soon as both of us pulled directly to our driveway, we saw a pink note on our front door that seem to be from the Housing Association.

They won’t even stamp the letter or send it in the mail love other organizations.

It seems childish behavior that some hungry Authority person needs to display their power. It seems that we are on a disappointing list due to our heating and cooling unit. My kid actually split the shrubs very short, plus now the heating and cooling cupboard is visible Outdoors. If you legitimately look very hard, you can see the cabinet beyond the Hedge. I told my kid not to worry much about it because the Hedge will eventually grow back. The Housing Authority seems to come unglued. This is the third day in a row that they have threatened my Lake home with fines + legal action. The Housing Authority genuinely wants to see me build a fence right now, so the heating and cooling component cannot be viewed from our street. It seems a ridiculous reaction and I can only shake my head. It’s clear there are definitely rules to protect each other in the neighborhood. No person wants a property developer just because a neighbor has 16 cars parked on blocks in the yard. I can understand those things, but trimming the hedges to low seems like a crazy reason to find someone. It seems time for both of us to get a vicious lawyer involved. Those Housing Authority punks don’t know what hit them.