My spouse and I decided to homeschool our only child, and for several reasons that are equally good. For one, public school is turning into a bloodsport with all this violence. We don’t ever want to have to deal with a phone call about something awful happening with our boy! We also don’t want to deal with bullying at all. When it comes to being homeschooled, we feel he won’t be as likely to be bullied. With us also being Christians, we’ve tried to incorporate Bible teachings into the curriculum for our boy. When the kid was in public school, there was also constant issues regarding the thermostat and other temperature control settings! It seemed to be always broken at his school. Despite talking to the principal about the heating and A/C at the school, they claimed it was incidental and couldn’t be maintained anymore. What kind of excuse is that! What’s going on with their budget, anyway? At home, we can keep up with our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system maintenance just fine! Every one of us has the ideal temperature control settings going all day and night, just so we all can be perfectly comfortable and restful here. We’ve really enjoyed homeschooling our child, though the only real problem for us getting some time with other kids in my boy’s schedule. Now that he does some after school martial arts, he’s slowly assimilating into a clique and finding his place with friends!

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