Working as a community

I have been living in the same town for the past ten years now, and over that time I have come to meet some amazing people. During these past ten years I have been able to continue doing the job I love working as an HVAC repair tech while also being able to have my kids grow up with their best friends in the neighborhood. While the vast majority of neighborhoods in our country tend to operate more like a business with everyone doing what they need to do and minimizing personal communication, my part of town has been more like a family than anything else. All throughout the year we all do something to help each other out. Whether it be mowing someone’s yard, carpooling kids to school, or helping set up birthday parties. We simply work together to make sure everyone is taken care of around here. Each year during the summer I personally make sure to go and check on all of my neighbors air conditioning units free of charge. We all have things we excel at in life, so why not put it to use for the ones you care for? We have a high population of elderly men and women around where I live and I always fear that new HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling companies that roll into town will try to take advantage of them. While I take care of the air conditioning situation for my neighbors, they are all generous right back towards us and will spoil us by delivering meals and sweets for the kids. I truly love living in this community, and as long as my wife is as happy as I am I don’t think we will ever live anywhere else other than here.


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