Looking for some restitution

A couple years ago, there was a man going around town who was offering free HVAC services.

He said he was trying to get his new business started and he was just offering the free HVAC maintenance as a welcome to his company.

I didn’t owe my allegiance to any one HVAC company so I decided to give him a try. I set up an appointment to have the servicing done on my air conditioning unit. It was almost summer, so it was time to have the maintenance done. When the HVAC tech showed up, I showed him my AC unit. My husband was going to hang around while he worked on the air conditioning unit, but he told him he was new and it made him nervous when the owner was watching. My husband owned his own business and he remembered how he felt when he was being watched, when he first started working. He came inside, but he still kept an eye on him out of the window. After about an hour, my husband began to get suspicious because it never took that long. The young HVAC tech had several components on the ground and he told my husband we needed them replaced. Our AC had worked well at the end of last season, and now it looked like we were going to need a new AC unit. I called another HVAC company who came out the same afternoon. He said the components had been ripped from the air conditioning unit without regard to their being damaged. Now, I need a new AC unit and I am going to make the technician pay.

a/c worker