I Hired A Young HVAC Technician:

A few weeks ago, there was a person going around my neighborhood offering free HVAC services. He said he was offering the free HVAC maintenance as a welcome to his supplier that he was starting. I didn’t owe my allegiance to a particular HVAC supplier, so I took a risk on him. I set up an appointment for my air conditioning equipment. We’re transitioning into fall, so it was time for me to have the maintenance done before I shut off my AC system. When the young HVAC professional showed up, I showed him to the AC unit. My dad came over while he serviced the air conditioning equipment, because he wanted to keep an eye on him. My dad owned his own corporation when he was young and he remembered how it felt when he was being watched. My dad sat inside, even though he still kept an eye on him out of the window. After about a second, my dad began worrying because it never took that long. The young HVAC technician had multiple components lying on the ground and he told me that I needed them replaced. The young AC technician had ruined my AC equipment, and I’d need it fixed. I phoned another HVAC supplier who came out the next day. He said that the components had been ripped from the air conditioning equipment without knowing the consequences. Now, I needed a modern AC unit and I plan on making the young professional pay.

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