I Hate Transitional Temperatures:

November is a transitional month. Occasionally, the uneven temperatures rise to 60 degrees, but other times the temperature only reaches 10 degrees. The weather can’t decide if it wants to be fall or winter. I’m not too proud to admit that I’m a summer person myself. I’d rather run the air conditioner all day long so I can function. I suppose November is the time to turn off the air conditioner and turn on the furnace. The Weather Channel has been talking about a heat wave that’s supposed to happen, but it’s the middle of November. This is very unusual, although! Even though I love summer, I like to have a couple months where I can put a big sweater on and walk around the crisp afternoon air. I want to rest outside in the early evenings plus not worry about any bugs, or the humidity. I don’t want to turn on my air conditioner again just for the heat wave. I don’t want to use my furnace yet, either. Can’t Mother Nature just decide on a season and stick to it. This would give myself and others a couple of months separate from any air conditioning or heating dilemmas. I know that I am ranting, but it’s super annoying to me. I guess I’ll just leave the AC equipment running during the heatwave, knowing that next week I’ll have to switch back to my furnace.

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