I Hate The Hot Weather:

August is a transitional month, where the temperature can reach 100 degrees and then the other times the temperature can drop below 60. The weather can’t decide if it’s going to be summer or fall. I’m not too proud to admit that I’m ready for the fall weather. I’m tired of needing to run my A/C all day and night to feel cool. I suppose it’s time to turn off my A/C when fall arrives. The news channel has been talking about a several day heat wave in the region, even though it’s the end of August. I suppose that it’s not odd, but I’m starting to dread the summer heat. I want to have a couple mornings where I can put on jeans and a sweater to overcome the crisp morning air. I want to chill outside in the early evening without the humidity and bugs. I don’t want to turn on my A/C first thing in the morning plus then turn it down in the evenings. I don’t want my A/C running twenty-four hours of the day. However, I don’t want to use the furnace yet, either. Can’t Mother Nature just decide whether she’s doing summer or fall and give me a little break without any A/C or heat? I suppose that I’m ranting in addition to it isn’t appreciated by anyone else either. I suppose I’ll just leave my AC unit running until I know for sure that the cool weather is coming to stay.


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