I Had a Bad HVAC Experience:

At the beginning of summer, there was a man going around town providing free Heating plus Air Conditioning services.

He was attempting to get his new company off the ground so he was offering Heating plus Air Conditioning services for free. I didn’t have one Heating plus Air Conditioning business that I preferred over the other, so I decided to give him a chance. I set up an appointment with him, and asked him to service my air conditioning unit. With the warmer weather up ahead, it was time to have the service done. When the Heating plus Air Conditioning man showed up, I walked him over to the AC unit. My brother was going to hang around while the air conditioning unit was being serviced, because he wanted to make sure I was okay. My brother owned his own company too so he didn’t want to put too much pressure on the HVAC technician. He still kept an eye on him through the window. After about an hour, my brother began to get suspicious because it was taking longer. The young Heating plus Air Conditioning technician had multiple components on the ground around him plus he told my brother that I needed them replaced. The AC had worked last season, but now it looked like I’d need to buy a new AC unit. I called an official Heating plus Air Conditioning business who came out the very same day. He said the components had been torn from the air conditioning system without regard to their being disfigured. Now, I’ll need a new AC system plus make the other HVAC guy pay.

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