I am tired of needing the air conditioning

I know that August is a transitional month.

Sometimes the temperatures are near ninety and other times the temperature is only in the sixty.

The weather doesn’t know if it wants to be summer or early fall. I am not too proud to admit that I am tired of the summer weather. I am tired of needing to run the air conditioning all night so I can sleep. I think it is time to turn off the air conditioning and start with fall. They are talking about a four day heat wave in our area, and it is the middle of August. I know that is not so unusual, but I don’t like summer. I want to have a couple months where I can put on a sweater in the morning to overcome the crisp morning air. I want to be able to sit outside in the early evening and not worry about the bugs, or the humidity. I don’t want to turn on the air conditioning first thing in the morning and have it on long into the night. I don’t want air conditioning twenty-four seven. I don’t want to need to use the furnace yet, either. Can’t Mother Nature just decide that it is going to be fall. Give me a couple of months without any air conditioning or heating, and let me be happy for a change? I know that I am ranting and it is not appreciated by anyone. I guess I will just leave the AC unit running for the next couple days, knowing that next week it will be back to being cool and breezy.

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