My sister comes to the rescue with a cool new thermostat

I was in a pretty bad accident last May, and I had to spend six weeks at home.

  • I broke one of my legs and shattered the other knee.

I could barely get up and down, and walking was completely out of the question. My sister came to visit for several weeks. She was a huge help. She washed the dishes and cleaned the laundry. She made me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She even helped me to the bathroom. While she was there, she also purchased a smart thermostat for my home heating and air conditioning system. My sister was surprised that I still had an old digital thermostat. She had a smart thermostat at home and raved about all of the cool features. I thought it sounded neat, but I wasn’t going to waste money on something that I didn’t need. When my sister came back from the grocery store one afternoon, she had the smart thermostat. She spent an hour reading the directions so she could install the machine without my help. The smart thermostat came with a cool application for my telephone. My sister told me that I could adjust the temperature from anywhere. Since I was laid up in bed 4 weeks, she thought this would be a great surprise. I spent several days playing with the neat and cool features. I still think the smart thermostat is something my home didn’t need, but it really helped when I couldn’t move. I rarely use the wifi features now, but I still have the application on the phone.



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