Sweating a bunch in church because of the lack of air conditioning

A lot of the time when I go to church, I assume like a sinner because I am consistently covered in sweat like crazy, then this isn’t because of sinning though, this is because the church never has sufficient temperature control settings! On a blazing boiling Summer day, it will commonly be around 85 degrees in the church building, and i actually don’t think if it’s because they are trying to save money on the energy bills or if they just need a new Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan to be installed in the church.

If they were asking for donations to go towards a new Heating as well as Air Conditioning system, I guess I would be donating towards that fund.

I love going to church every single Sunday, it’s just so uncomfortable a lot of the time. It’s not so awful during the Fall plus Springtime seasons, plus it’s alright in the Winter too. I guess they could use a little more heating in the winter, but it’s not terrible. It’s actually the Summer weeks that I dread the most. There are times when I assume like coming up with an excuse not to go to church when it’s so boiling, because I think they have a complication with their a/c unit, and who knows, perhaps God will intervene plus somehow grant the church the wherewithal to accomplish getting a new Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan that will allow us to be completely comfortable in the church. I don’t think if all churches have this sort of problem, but this is the only church that I actually know. This is where I was raised plus I think most of the people that go to church. I don’t guess I would ever want to go anywhere else, even if it were more comfortable with better temperature control settings.


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