Doing a Bit of Self-Reflection is Good When it Comes to Securing Your Marriage

I have recently come to the determination that I might be a selfish person.

I regularly thought that my father was selfish growing up, and so I always thought I would be different.

However, after having a long conversation with my spouse last week. I suppose I might be a little more selfish than I was aware of, for the past couple of weeks my spouse and I have been getting in more fights than usual. They aren’t brutal nerve-wracking fights about anything pressing, just little a singles here and there. However, the fights are entirely beginning to undermine the feelings of my spouse. We had a single entirely disappointing a single Last week over the Heating and Air Conditioning thermostat temperature setting. We haven’t been able to agree on what temperature to set the temperature control on. I now look bac k and realize that fighting over the temperature control is entirely dumb, however at the time it seemed like no one would back down over the thermostat. I told my spouse that if I didn’t get my way I was going to be done with this whole mess called marriage; Even though I didn’t mean it, my spouse said I could not say things that would make her so upset. Especially if every one of us are just arguing over the temperature control. Heating and Air Conditioning isn’t a real reason to get into it or end our marriage. I suppose that I was being selfish when I said that and I am going to make a large effort to change my attitudes and behavior. I don’t want my spouse to ever suppose that I would really leave her over something as miniscule as the Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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