The radom a/c repair

I care about our friends so much.

I am 1 of those people who is friends with everyone that I meet, however I absolutely only have a few close friends.

My best friend, Sam, has been there for myself and others through thick and thin, and I hope that she can say the same about me. The two of us have been friends since the people I was with and I were two year olds, and I cannot imagine life without her. The two of us went to college together, and now the people I was with and I are renting an apartment together to save some currency. I am engaged now, so I will be moving out in a few weeks, and I am absolutely absolutely concerned about it. I am excited to start a new chapter in our life with the man of our dreams, however I will miss residing with Sam a lot, and sam is so funny. If something can go wrong, it will go wrong for Sam. She has the worst luck ever, last week, the people I was with and I were driving along in her car when the people I was with and I rapidly noticed that the a/c turned off. It was about ninety degrees outside, so it did not take long for the car to heat up. The two of us tried turning the a/c back on, but nothing happened. There was not even air coming out of the vents. The entire Heating and A/C idea just seemed to stop. The two of us took it to a mechanic, despite the fact that he was too busy to look at it for a couple of nights. Sam had to drive her car with actually no a/c, and it was so moderate outside. I felt absolutely bad. I wanted to drive her to work, however I started job at the same time as her, so it never worked out. Sam makes life so interesting and fun.

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