The cord is wrecked

I care about our cats so much, but they can be quite a hassle at times.

I have several cats, and they have certain personalities.

One of them is absolutely calm and laid back. Another is the exact opposite, and our youngest dog is just very clingy. I do not mind that he is clingy, but at times it annoys me. He does not even let myself and others go to the bathroom by myself. He is a little naughty as well. I recognize it is just because he is still a puppy though. He tends to chew things that he should not. I think that most puppies care about to chew things, but neither of our other cats ever did, so I was not prepared for it. The last thing that he chewed was the cord to our a/c. It absolutely sad myself and others because it was not a cheap updatement. I tried to rewire the a/c, but it was an ultimate fail. My fiance took 1 look at our wiring task and told myself and others that it would not be safe the run the a/c that way. I was sad because I had diagnosed it for quite awhile. I ended up just buying a brand new a/c, and well, I actually bought two new a/cs. I had been wanting a new a/c for sometime to put in our bedroom, however I just never got around to buying 1. I sleep so much better now that I have an a/c in our room, so I assume the fact that our dog chewed the cord to our a/c was not a large deal after all.


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