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Sometimes I wish that our fiance had a bizarre task; He has a great task when it comes to the paycheck, but it takes him away from home very often.

  • He travels all over the country to host meetings for the supplier that he works for, it is rare that I get to travel with him because the people I was with and I have two little children, and it is difficult to travel long distances with them.

He told myself and others that he would get a new task in a heartbeat if that is what I absolutely wanted. I have not made up our mind for sure yet, however I am leaning that way, but because he is gone so much, I have l received to kind of be a handyman. I care about fixing things, but it absolutely does not come naturally to me; Our gas furnace broke about a month ago, and I was determined to repair it, at first, I was pretty sad about it, my fiance had just left that morning, and the gas furnace broke just a few hours later. It was absolutely inconvenient time for it to go. I searched online for some answers. The gas furnace was not firing up care about it was supposed to, so I searched for respected concerns. Thankfully, the first part that I updated was the part that needed to be updated. I literally watched a tutorial online in order to figure out how to take the gas furnace apart to change the disfigured part. It was an absolutely great experience in the long run, however I hope that I do not have to repair the gas furnace again. It was a lot of work.



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