Keeping it running 24/7

I never knew that air pollution was such a large deal.

I moved to 1 of the greatest cities in all of Asia, and I began to realize that air pollution was genuinely a large issue.

I never even thought about all of the pollution that the people I was with and I breathe in on a biweekly basis. I moved back to the States a few weeks ago, and 1 of the first things that I did was get a UV air purifier. I never even thought about buying an a/c before I moved there. It never crossed our mind. None of our friends or family ever had UV air purifiers. It is not something that I have ever heard anyone talk about either. I think that it is not quite as large of a deal where I am residing as it was in Asia, however I absolutely recognize that it is still something that the people I was with and I need to be aware of. I bought a UV air purifier for the upstairs of our house, and I bought another 1 for downstairs. I can tell a big difference in the quality of air in our house. I absolutely can say that I recognize very healthy when I have the UV air purifiers running. I have also seen an improvement in our pollen irritations. My pollen irritations used to act up twice a year, but now that I have our UV air purifiers running 24/7, our pollen irritations do not act up any more. I am so impressed by the improvement that the UV air purifiers have brought, and I have been trying to tell our friends and family all that has happened since I got those purifiers. It has been great!

a/c serviceman

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