The last hotel available has no cold A/C

When my wife and I went to visit my brother, we were planning on staying at his place.

Unfortunately, our plans took a different turn.

My wife and I ended up in a big argument with my brother, and we had to find a hotel for the duration of our stay. We searched the area for hotels, but everything was booked solid. There was a comic book convention in town on the same weekend, and all of the nice hotels were packed. My wife and I even lowered our choices to three stars and above, and we still had slim pickings for hotels, inns, and motels. When my wife and I found the last hotel room available in town, we were upset that the AC wasn’t cold. We checked into the room shortly after 5, turned on the AC, and immediately left to grab some dinner. My wife and I didn’t get back to the motel room until after 8. By that time, we were gone for 3 hours and the room should have felt chilly and cool. Unfortunately, the room was still warm and uncomfortable. My wife walked over to the AC machine, and the thermostat was reading 76°. My wife pushed the buttons to lower the temperature, and cool air started coming out of the vents. We were gone for three hours, and we never bothered to make sure that the thermostat was set to a cool temperature. It was our own fault that the room was uncomfortable and humid, and the A/C was working just fine. We had to wait a few hours for the room to cool down.

Quality air conditioner

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