I value punctuality in my HVAC business provider

I’m really happy with the HVAC service provider that my wife and I have now.

I really value punctuality as a strong characteristic in a person. I strongly believe that my time is valuable, and part of respecting a person is valuing their time. I can’t stand people who claim to respect my friendship, but never show up at a promised time. My sister is famous for being late. She always shows up an hour past time for every event. She was even late, when my niece graduated from high school. If someone complains about my sister’s tardiness, she gets an attitude and acts like it is no big deal. I’ve often told my sister that her attitude is worse than her punctuality. It also drives me crazy when a business provider can’t show up on time. Several years ago, I was doing business with an HVAC provider that was never punctual. Unfortunately, I was stuck using the HVAC provider because they were selected by my boss. Every time I made an appointment for a repair, installation, or service appointment, I was stuck knowing that the HVAC provider could show up anytime throughout the day. Even when I asked for a time window, they often told me the morning or the afternoon. For someone that appreciates punctuality, a six-hour window is like a slap in the face. I’m really happy with the HVAC service provider that my wife and I have now. They give us a specific time, and they always show up ready to work. So far, they have been friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and punctual. I don’t have a single complaint, other than the rate that I pay for service hours. It’s a little high, but I guess that punctuality comes with a higher fee.

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