Where is the HVAC technician when you need him?

My husband is one of the best HVAC technicians in the city.

We seldom have a quiet meal in our house, because the phone is always going off.

If he isn’t leaving to go fix someone’s furnace or air conditioning, he is trying to troubleshoot the unit with another technician. Sometimes, I just wish the phone would quit ringing and never ring again. I know this is very selfish of me to feel this way. People need help and they will call the best if it is possible. One weekend, my husband put away his phone and told me that the entire weekend was ours. Our children were at my mother’s house for the weekend. He promised he would only answer the phone if my mom called. We planned on going to for a romantic dinner, and then we were going to the theatre. I was so excited that I bought a new dress and I had my hair done. When I got home from town, he was in his HVAC uniform. I just looked at him and walked into the bedroom to my jeans back on. He was so upset with me and told me that this HVAC call was an emergency. He couldn’t possibly leave the person without any air conditioning. I looked at him and screamed that he promised not to answer the phone unless it was my mother. He showed me the number on the phone. My mom’s number was looking back at me. I called my mom to make sure everything was okay. I had to laugh as she frantically apologized and told me if the AC unit didn’t have green fluid coming out of it, she would have waited until morning to call.



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