The middle of a Heat Wave with no AC

There is another cool function to the cooling tower

It has been nearly a week now, and no one in our apartment building has any air conditioning. It is the middle of summer, and our superintendent doesn’t think it is necessary to get the air conditioning fixed, any time soon. He seems to think that since he has a window air conditioner, we should all have a window air conditioning. Unfortunately, not everyone in this building has a window where you can easily put an air conditioning because of the electrical outlets. We tried to tell him that the AC was a necessity, but he told us he couldn’t find the parts for the air conditioning. Another time he said he had ordered the parts, but they hadn’t come in yet. When my neighbor called him, he said there was no fixing the AC, and we would just need to wait until the owner of the building ‘sprung’ for a new AC system. Whatever his reasoning, I needed to get some air conditioning, or my brain was going to fry. I went to the local home center and I found what they call a cooling tower. The cooling tower works on the order of an oscillating fan. The difference is that it doesn’t just blow the air around, but it actually cools the air, just like an air conditioner. There is another cool function to the cooling tower. There is a compartment where you can put ice, and it works like an evaporative cooler, if you live in a dry climate. I really don’t care about the features. As long as I get some kind of air conditioning, I’ll buy it.


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