Just lacking a bit of AC

My fiance and I wanted to take a cross-country trip in an RV for our honeymoon.

We were looking at new RV’s and then we found a used RV that one of my dad’s friends had owned.

We went and talked to him and he offered the RV to us for a phenomenal price. We couldn’t believe he only wanted about one third of what it was worth. He said he hadn’t used it since he bought it, but it would probably give us another 100,000 miles if we treated it right. I only wanted it to give us 5,000 miles and we would be happy. We bought the RV and we were thrilled. We left on our honeymoon, the day after our wedding. We slept in until noon, so it was almost 4PM before we were on the road. We hit the desert in the middle of the night, and it was cool and dry. We had the windows down and we were really enjoying our trip. By mid-morning, it was beginning to get scorching hot, and we couldn’t get the air conditioning to work. We were on each other’s last nerve, without the AC and a temperature of well over 100 degrees. We felt like we had died and gone to heaven when we saw a road sign for a full-service station. We stopped and asked if they could check our air conditioning. Lucky for us, it only took some coolant. By the time we were a half mile down the road, our AC was working well, and we were back to being a loving couple.
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