Honeymoon cabin with authentic fireplace was freezing cold

My wife and I joke that our honeymoon was the worst part of our marriage.

The two of us decided to go up north and experience a new climate.

We both thought the snow on trees, houses and on sidewalks looked beautiful. We wanted to spend our honeymoon in a romantic log cabin in the woods with snow all around us. We pictured a roaring fire around us while we sipped hot cocoa and bundled under blankets. The two of us were so naive and should have researched a bit more before committing. The place I booked boasted about the cabin giving us the authentic experience. Yeah, I regretted that within 10 minutes of arriving. The log cabin had authentic heating which meant a wood burning fireplace. We were provided with wood to burn for heating. There was no gas heater, heated flooring or back up boiler system either. We only got to burn fire in order to feel warmth. The wood went surprisingly fast too. Most of the trip I was out in the snow chopping wood. My new wife worked on drying the wood as fast as possible so we could burn it for heat. The cabin was still freezing cold anway. The outdoor snow was not romantic either, but wet and freezing. We had to bundle under blankets and wear full on winter gear. There was no sipping hot cocoa and staring in each other’s eyes. We basically whined about the lack of heating the whole trip. It did not inspire any romance the whole time.

Commercial air conditioning

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