Encouraging indoors sports since I want heating and air when I watch

I have been trying to encourage my kids to only do indoor sports.

I sat through football and soccer games when I was a kid.

Being outside for a sporting event stinks. For football season, I mainly got rained on and froze to death. The school can’t provide heating since it is outdoors and would be expensive. It is not like heated flooring can be installed in the bleachers or a furnace system can be set up in the concession stand. You are just screwed out of heating and stuck watching a game that just won’t end. For soccer season it was the opposite problem. Soccer games were always around 100 degrees with no AC in sight. The best I could ever hope for was a patch of shade. My mother and I sometimes would sit in the car cooling and watch the game. That was the best. During tournaments she would let me hang out in the car for a few games. My kids though are going to be indoors. There are plenty of options. My kids can play basketball, be on the swim team or do wrestling. There is gymnastics and volleyball too. The gym will provide both heating and air. On a cold winter day, I won’t get wet and I will have heating while I watch. In the summer, the hot outdoor air won’t matter. I think I could get into any sport as long as there is some heating and air available. Now I just got to get my kids to pick their sport.


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